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Sleepy Hollow Gifts

Patriot John, The Man Who Saved America

Patriot John, The Man Who Saved America

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Author Philip Secor revives John Paulding's place in American history. In 1780 Paulding was at the head of a small band of militia who captured British spy John André, exposing American general Benedict Arnold’s treasonous plan to turn over the fortifications at West Point to the British. Since Arnold’s plan also involved handing over George Washington, Paulding and his compatriots may have averted a very different ending to the American Revolution. Washington Irving would later weave André's capture into The Legend of Sleepy Hollow: the fateful location of the spy's capture is where Ichabod Crane first encounters the headless horseman. Color cover, black-and-white text. 5.5" x 8.5", 186 pages. Printed in USA. ISBN 0788440888
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